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In January 2016 we opened the restaurant Santosha with the help of family and friends.  Inspired by our home countries and years of travelling the world together, it’s a journey of discovery that started by following a dream.


It’s our attempt to create a connection, with the land we live from and the people around us and to share our passion for food, cooking, coffee, wine, literature, music, art, film and everything else…. our passion for life!


We care deeply about the environment and sustainable living. We seek out and support local, organic and fair-trade producers. 


Santosha translates loosely from Sanskrit as ‘complete contentment, 

acceptance’, a concept which permeates yoga philosophy as a practice for positive living and enlightenment. This idea is a reminder to ourselves, to relish each moment and everything contained in it and to fully experience the journey we’re on.


To live life with purpose, not fixed on the outcome, this is our aim



                            Ruth & Eran

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